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Submission procedure
The Scientific Programme will include invited speakers, oral presentations, poster presentations, referenced demonstrations and panels.
There is no difference in quality between oral presentations and poster presentations. Only the appropriateness of the type of communication to the content of the paper will be considered. All papers will be blind refereed by two members of the Scientific Committee.


Submissions of between 200 and 400 words should be sent by February 21st 2004.
Send your submissions to p.delcloque@msec.ac.uk or to delcloque@ntlworld.com
We will confirm acceptance as rapidly as possible and certainly before 1st April 2004. Thereafter, we need papers of 4 pages of A4 for posters and oral presentations. Courseware/software demos may be accepted without an accompanying paper.
Invited speakers must procure up to 8 pages of A4 for the same deadline of 10th May 2004.
Paper length will be up to 8 A4 pages for keynote speakers and 4 A4 pages both for oral and poster presentations.
All accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings.
All submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail, numbered sequentially and sent to the Chair of the Scientific Committee, Philippe Delcloque for distribution to the Scientific Panel.

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