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In the selection process, preference will be given to submissions for Papers, Show & Tell Demonstrations and Posters (please specify) related to at least one of the following areas:

1. Language Processing for CALL
NLP for Language Tutoring Systems
Automatic Summary/Essay/Precis Evaluation Tools
Innovative text analysis for evaluation of student writing
Grammar Checkers for Language Learning
Natural Language Generation for Collaborative Interfaces
Machine Translation and Machine Aided Translation Tools for Language Learning
Corpus-Based NLP Tools for Language Learning
Text Understanding Systems for Language Learning
Question-Answering and Dialogue Systems for Language Learning
Evaluation of NLP-based tools for education
Use of student linguistic databases (text or speech) for tool building

2. Speech Processing for CALL
CALL Tools for learning/teaching pronunciation
CALL Tools for learning/teaching phonetics and phonology
CALL Applications using Speech Recognition as learning aid
CALL Applications using Speech Synthesis as learning aid
Multimodal CALL System using Speech or Voice Recognition
CALL Applications with graphic display of pronunciation features
CALL tools Speech Analysis
CALL tools networks for Speech Storage/Databases/Archives
Multimodal CALL System using voice triggered operations and learning
Multimodal CALL System using networks for semi-intelligent interactions involving knowledge bases accessed through voice
Multimodal CALL System using visual display of phonemic symbols from voice input
CALL tools for corrective phonology/phonetics
CALL tools to help with Speech and Hearing Disorders
Talking Head Technology for CALL

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