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0. Oral Presentations
Invited speakers' presentations will last 45 minutes (40 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion and speaker swap), while oral presentations will last 25 minutes (20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion and speaker swap).
Since we must strictly follow the program schedule, the session chairs will enforce the start and stop time of your talk.
Please show up in the lecture hall 5 minutes prior to the start of you session to meet your session chair! Information about session chairs will be available at the workshop.
To find out who your session chair is, please check the info posters when you arrive at the workshop site.

1. AV equipment
An overhead transparency projector and a data projector will be provided in the lecture hall. You may use your own laptop in your presentation, so long as it has a VGA port.
Note that since the data projector is NOT equipped with switched multiple ports, you will need to manually connect it before the start of your talk. Alternatively, we will make available an Intel-based laptop with an (Italian) version of Microsoft PowerPoint '97, which will be connected to the projector.
If you choose to use this computer, you should bring your presentation on either a CD-ROM, PC-formatted floppy, or zip disk.
Remember that it is VERY IMPORTANT that you bring backup transparencies for your talk, even if you plan to use a computer for your presentation!
Please contact Sara Tonelli (tonni_sara@hotmail.com) if you have any other special requirements for your presentation.

2. Handouts
If you are planning to distribute a handout, we recommend that you prepare 60 copies. We will be unable to copy handouts at the workshop site (unless very exceptionally for small quantities), so please bring the copies of the handout with you to the workshop.

3. Poster session
If you are presenting a poster in one of the poster sessions, you will need to prepare the material you would like to display.
Each poster will be allocated a frame 100cm wide by 150cm high in which to display your poster or paper sheets. Your poster should display at the top the title of your paper as well as the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s). Please ensure easy reading at a distance.
Posters will be mounted on a velvet-covered piece of wood. We will provide the necessary materials to affix your poster to this mouting. Note, however, that there will be no facilities available for copying, magnifying or doing any process whatsoever with originals.
Though you will be expected to stand by your poster site in the poster area only during the poster session in which you poster has been included, we plan to leave all posters on display during the entire day your presentation has been planned for the workshop.
As a result, please plan to set up your poster as soon as you arrive, the day your presentation is planned, and to remove it at closing time. Consult with one of the organizers when you arrive to find out where you should set up.


Thanks for your attention to these organizational details.
We are very much looking forward seeing you in Venice.

The Program Chair
Philippe Delcloque

The Organizing Committee
Rodolfo Delmonte

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