2nd PASCAL Challenges Workshop

Presentations of VENSES, the Venice Semantic Evaluation System, at the 2nd PASCAL Challenges Workshop held in Venice, Italy have been caught on film and made available as vimade available as video lectures.

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  1. Skip says:

    Pheoamennl breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!

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  4. Voi Maikki sä oot niin ihana äiti lapsillesi! 🙂 Mun pitäis kans päästä sun ötökkäterapiaan! Koitetaan nyt kesän aikana saada sovittua treffit meille Suvilahteen! :)t. Tiina V.

  5. http://www./ says:

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  6. c1251.ru says:

    Hey Jane — I love Thursday nights since I get to watch Greys Anatomy and Private Practice (I need my weekly doses of McSteamy, McDreamy and Taye Diggs. What better way to spend the evening than to cozy up with a glass of red wine, some snacks and a nice blanket. Of course, a copy of Flirting with Forty would be nice for afterwards!Vindella (EVY)

  7. http://www./ says:

    lam kenal aja,di bogor ada bbc,aku masih ada 1 c70 lagi yang mau di bangun,tapi kondisinya parah,ada yg mau nerusin ga?

  8. http://www./ says:

    Är lite dålig på att lämna kommentarer men kollar alltid din blogg och får alltid en stor dos inspiration. Stort grattis!

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