Events organized by us

What follows is a list of links to the pages of conferences, symposia, workshops and seminars organized by the Computational Linguistics Laboratory.

  • SLaTE 2011 link esterno
  • STEP 2008 link esterno Symposium on Semantics in Systems for Text Processing
  • 2nd PASCAL Challenges Workshop , Venice 10-12 april 2006.
  • InSTIL/ICALL link esterno 2004 International Symposium on NLP and Speech Technologies in Advanced Language Learning
  • ARQAS link esterno 2003 International Symposium on Reference Resolution and its Applications to Question Answering and Summarization
  • Tag+6 Tree Adjoining Grammars and Related Frameworks. VI international workshop, Venice 20-23 may 2002.
  • LBC – Language Brain and Computation. Venice 3-5 october 2002. In conllaboration with UQAM University(Montreal).
  • VEXTAL – Venice for the automatic processing of Languages
  • GFS-IX – The IX study days of the experimental phonetics group

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