The Little Prince

We have made available for download The Little Prince in the Venetan translation by Nicoletta Penello. The text has been further revised and normalized by Prof. Rodolfo Delmonte. The document is available both in pdf text-only version (download) and in the verticalized, manually PoS tagged version (download). Other translations of the novel in 150 languages can be found at this link

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  1. Dell says:

    That’s an apt answer to an inteserting question

  2. http://www./ says:

    There is no bus available for the strech-Best option is take BIAS-5 to J.P.Nagar 6th phase, walk down to the signal near the last stop and take 211,213,214,216,G-5 etc to Art of living from there

  3. http://www./ says:

    To ostrzeżenie dla wszystkich którzy próbują wymądrzać się ponad Biblię:„Nie bądź przesadnie sprawiedliwyi nie uważaj się za zbyt mądrego! (jak później to robili faryzeusze)Dlaczego miałbyś sobie sam zgotować zgubę?” Księga Koheleta 7: 16

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