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List of accepted papers

Lionel Fontan and Saint-Dizier Patrick. Analyzing the explanation structure of procedural texts: dealing with Advice and Warnings.

Evguenia Malaia, John Borneman and Ronnie Wilbur. Analysis of ASL motion capture data towards identification of verb type..

Rodolfo Delmonte and Emanuele Pianta. Answering WHY questions in Closed Domain from a Discourse Model and with GETARUNS.

Montse Cuadros and German Rigau. KnowNet: A proposal for building highly connected and dense knowledge bases from the web.

Allan Ramsay and Debora Georgia Field. Everyday language is highly intensional.

Pierpaolo Basile, Marco de Gemmis, Pasquale Lops and Giovanni Semeraro. Combining Knowledge-based Methods and Supervised Learning.

Antonio Branco and Francisco Costa. High Precision Analysis of NPs with a Deep Processing Grammar.

Emily M. Bender and David Goss-Grubbs. Semantic Representations of Syntactically Marked Discourse Status in Crosslinguistic Perspective.

Maria Liakata and Stephen Pulman. Automatic fine grained semantic classification of domain adaptation.

Irene Cramer. How Well Do Semantic Relatedness Measures Perform? A Meta-Study.

Benjamin Van Durme and Lenhart Schubert. Open Knowledge Extraction through Compositional Language Processing.

Diego De Cao, Danilo Croce, Marco Pennacchiotti and Roberto Basili. Combining word sense and usage for modeling frame semantics.

Rob Koeling and Diana McCarthy. From Predicting Predominant Senses to Using Local Context for Word Sense Disambiguation.

Marjorie McShane, Sergei Nirenburg and Stephen Beale. Resolving Paraphrases to Support Modeling Language Perception in an Intelligent Agent.

Marjorie McShane and Sergei Nirenburg. The Idiom-Reference Connection.

Peter Clark, Christiane Fellbaum, Jerry Hobbs, Phil Harrison, William Murray and John Thompson. Augmenting WordNet for Deep Understanding of Text.

Livio Robaldo, Eleni Miltsakaki and Jerry Hobbs. Refining the Meaning of Sense Labels in PDTB: Concession.

Manfred Stede. Connective-based local coherence analysis: Recognizing causal relationships.

Doina Tatar, Andreea Mihis and Gabriela Serban. Top-down Cohesion Segmentation in Summarization.

Delphine Battistelli, Javier Couto, Jean-Luc Minel and Sylviane Schwer. Representing and visualizing calendar expressions in texts.

Rodolfo Delmonte and Emanuele Pianta. Semantic and Pragmatic Computing with GETARUNS.

Marjorie McShane, Sergei Nirenburg and Stephen Beale. Baseline Evaluation of WSD and Semantic Dependency in OntoSem.

Udo Kruschwitz, Jon Chamberlain and Massimo Poesio. Addressing the Resource Bottleneck to Create Large-Scale Annotated Texts.

Clementine Adam, Delpech Estelle and Saint Dizier Patrick. Identifying, Tagging and Reconstructing Incomplete Titles in Web Texts.

Rodrigo Agerri, John Barnden, Mark Lee and Alan Wallington. Textual Entailment as an Evaluation Framework for Metaphor Resolution.

Antonio Branco and Francisco Costa. LXGram in the Shared Task "Comparing Semantic Representations" of STEP2008.

James Allen. Deep Semantic Analysis of Text.

Peter Clark, Phil Harrison, William Murray and John Thompson. Boeing's NLP System, and the Challenges of Semantic Representations.

Nils Reiter, Matthias Hartung and Anette Frank. A Resource-Poor Approach for Linking Ontology Classes to Wikipedia Articles.

Charles Callaway. The TextCap Semantic Interpreter.

Johan Bos. Wide-Coverage Semantic Analysis with Boxer

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