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Workshop scope
The goal of the STEP workshop is to provide a forum for anyone active in semantic processing of text to discuss innovative technologies, representation issues, inference techniques, prototype implementations, and real applications. The preferred processing targets are large quantities of texts -- either specialised domains, or open domains such as newswire text, blogs, and wikipedia-like text. Implemented rather than theoretical work is emphasised in STEP. In particular, relevant topics are:

- wide-coverage semantic/logical analysis of text
- computation and use of discourse relations
- use of lexical-conceptual and semantically related resources
- thematic role labelling in semantic representations
- word sense disambiguation in semantic representations
- implementations of specific semantic phenomena
- anaphora or ellipsis resolution in semantic representations
- implementations of sentiment analysis
- automatic detection of subjective and non-literal language
- acquisition of lexical knowledge and paraphrase from raw corpora
- background knowledge acquisition, representation, and selection
- semantic lexicons and ontologies for text interpretation
- learning semantic representations from raw text
- automated reasoning in the service of semantic analysis of text
- creation of gold standard meaning representations
- evaluation of semantic representations
- textual entailment and consistency checking
- systems that extract, represent or manipulate text meaning
- applications of semantic analysis in text processing

Applications include, but are not limited to, machine translation, text understanding, question answering, summarisation, information extraction, and the semantic web.

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